Altar & Rosary Society
The main function of the Altar and Rosary Society is to keep “The Lord’s
Home,” our church, beautiful. The society assists in the physical care of
the altar and its furnishings. They do the changing and laundering of
linens and any article used in church.
Meetings: Tuesday as needed, 7:30 PM, Members’ Homes
Contact: Maryanne Woerner 881-8308 

Altar Servers
Altar servers of the parish assist priests and the whole worshiping
community in the prayerful celebration of the Eucharist. Altar servers
function as Cross Bearers and Acolytes, assisting the presider and other
liturgical ministers with the sacred vessels, the presentation of the gifts
and the use of the Sacramentary Book. Open to adults, as well as boys
and girls from the fourth grade and up, it provides the opportunity for
parishioners to offer service and to be more active in their participation at
Contact: Sal Alibrando 881-2753

Art & Environment
Beauty is an important dimension in Catholic liturgy and worship. Every
major holiday requires organizing, planning, arranging and time to be sure
our church and altar are decorated to accentuate the beauty of our church
and to enhance worship.
Meetings: Each Liturgical Season
Contact: Mary Anne Welsh 

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Members of this ministry assist the priests with the distribution of the
Body and Blood of Christ during the celebration of the liturgy. Ministers
also bring Holy Communion to the homebound and sick. Eucharistic
ministers should have a strong faith life and a deep desire to bring the
Body of Christ to others. Eucharistic ministers must be at least 18 years of
age, and are scheduled on a rotating basis. New ministers are subject to
pastor’s approval.
Contact: Sal Alibrando 881-2753

All that is needed for membership is a warm smile and welcoming
personality. Members arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass to greet
parishioners. They distribute the parish bulletin after Mass. They also
assist at parish retreats, Holy Week and other special parish Liturgies and
Contact: John & Vita DeSant 

The lector proclaims the Word of God through the reading of Scripture at
Mass. In this ministry we are able to publicly witness our faith, and to
come to know the Word of God more deeply. This ministry is open to
confirmed parishioners at least 14 years of age. Lectors generally read at a
particular Mass on a rotating basis.
Contact: Sal Alibrando 881-2753

Music Ministry
The music ministry seeks to actively preserve the rich heritage of liturgical
music, as well as to explore new musical directions that benefit the spirit
and dignity of the liturgy. The choir enhances the liturgies with its
presence. They are always open to having new members join them.
Rehearsal: Wednesdays, 7:15 PM, Church
Contact: Florence Murtha 

Prayer Groups
St. Bridget Parish is blessed with a number of prayer groups. The groups
of men and women meet to pray, read scripture selections for the
following Sunday and share their faith. The meeting continues with a
discussion followed by prayers and petitions for our children, families and
special intentions. They meet at each other’s homes. Meeting times and
frequency varies from group to group. Coffee, cake and socialization
Contact: Deacon Joe Loungo 589-1863

St. Gerard Society
St. Gerard Majella is the patron saint of expectant mothers/parents and
unborn children and has been adopted as the unofficial patron of the prolife
movement. The St. Gerard Society fosters devotion to St. Gerard
through novenas and prayers. This ministry celebrates new life when a
child is born or adopted. In keeping with the Italian tradition, both men
and women are encouraged to join. The Society also works with the
diocese in organizing a Diocesan Mass in honor of St. Gerard, which is
celebrated annually here at the Church of St. Bridget in October.
Our motto: Here the will of God is done, as God wills and as long as God
wills. –St. Gerard of Majella
Meetings: 3rd Wednesday, 7:00 PM, Parish Center
Contact: Bill Van Dusen 881-6146

Ministry of Ushers
The Ministry of Ushers is a vital part of a vibrant weekend Mass. Ushers
take a head count of all the people present in church at Mass. They take
up the offertory collection. They must be friendly, caring, out-going and
willing to serve all parishioners in a Christ-like manner. They also assist
in seating people when Mass is crowded, such as during the Christmas
Meetings: Wednesday, as needed.
Contact: John DeSant 881-3172
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